Business Operations Platform

Savazar Business Operations Platform

Use of Email, Spreadsheets and randomly selected mix of SaaS solutions aren’t enough to track and manage your operations………..

We have put our decades of ERP, CRM, ITSM and other enterprise tools implementation experience into our business operations innovation platform. Rather than adding one tool or solution at a time to manage cost of the system, our solution
provides a complete Stack of applications using open source technologies. Leverage our consultations to start off on the right foot !!


Cloud based ERP system based on Open Source Solutions for your Financial, Sales, Inventory, Sourcing,, Procurement, HR, Project systems and other functions to manage and operate your business.

CRM and e-Commerce tools to setup to your e-commerce site, manage your client relationships, integrated AR and payments, to streamline and build long lasting partnerships with your clients and customers.

CRM & e-Commerce


Provide IT Support and Asset management tools that will radically simplify your organization’s capability to support your employees and business partners.

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