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AI & Low-Code based Workflow Automation

AI-powered LCNC (Low-Code/No-Code) tools to build custom internal business workflow applications enhance your business productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in your respective industries. 

How we can help

We can implement LCNC development tools to build your custom apps

Build and deliver custom apps using LCNC Tools

AI powered LCNC tools provide capability to rapidly build your custom internal business workflow and applications which can benefit your business in several ways such as – Streamlining Work processes, Aggregating business data to gain insights and make better decisions, Automating administrative and financial tasks, Enhancing marketing efforts, Improving customer service by using AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants who can provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, improving customer satisfaction.

Strategy & Plan

Define your AI, Low-Code internal applications, Process and Business workflow automation needs and strategy outlining the key goals, objectives and success criteria

Build & Setup

Build and setup your AI and Low-Code workflow automation platform required to develop and implement your automations, custom apps and workflows to ensure all the goals and objectives are achieved.

Support & Improve

Provide Support & Project services to ensure successful operations and continuous improvement.

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Why Choose our Solution ?

We provide end-to-end solutions to get your business  AI, Low-Code Automation workflow platform.

Automated workflows: AI can be used to automate workflows in low-code applications, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
Low-code authoring interfaces: A low-code platform offering easy-to-use authoring interfaces that allow users to create applications and workflows with minimal manual coding.
No-code authoring interfaces: A no-code platform offering drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built templates, code suggestions, and a vast library of reusable modules to simplify the development process.
Core automation capabilities: A low-code platform offering core automation capabilities such as RPA bots to automate tasks, intelligent business process management systems (IBPMS) to automate processes, AI for cognitive decision making, business rules to define complex business logic, case and exception management, and data integration to connect data sources.
Scalability: A low-code platform  scalable enough to help enterprises evolve organically and handle vast amounts of users and resources.
Integration: A low-code platform with ability to integrate with other systems and applications, making it easy to use and remove technical complexities from the extended design process.
DevOps: A low-code platform should offering DevOps capabilities to help clients manage the development, testing, and deployment of their applications and workflows.
Analytics and reporting: A low-code platform offering analytics and reporting capabilities to help clients keep an eye on key metrics that can improve processes and render high ROI.
Security: A low-code platform offering robust security features to protect client data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

  1. Our solution is not industry specific and can be tailored and deployed to meet the needs of any industry for the use-case.
  2. Here is a listing of industries where the solution can be deployed rapidly. 
    1. Healthcare Industry – Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Care Professionals, Diagnostics labs and others.
    2. Creators – Artists, Painter, Digital Content creators, Designers and others.
    3. Hospitality – Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Caterers, Event management teams and others
    4. Service Industry – Legal services, Service technicians, Security Agencies, Shipping and delivery services, A/C technicians, Plumbers, Carpenters and other.
    5. Home Services – Cleaning services, Maintenance, Security, Babysitters, Pet Caretakers and others
    6. Apparel and Fashion designers.
    7. Retail Businesses that want to sell their products and services.
  1. End-to-End solution that covers all aspects of Strategy definition, Solution, Build/Configure, Test, Deployment and Support.
  2. Using our solution offering and services will reduce and/or avoid the need for you to engage multiple service providers or need to sign up for very expensive ‘SaaS’ solutions that only provide limited functionality. 
  3. Using our solution offering and services will reduce application and data sprawl that can result when you are signing up for multiple SaaS / DIY (Do-It-Yourself) applications.
  4. All our team members are fully trained on all the aspects of the solution and our CSA will be your single point of contact through the journey.
  5. Our Solution is very cost efficient as we have carefully crafted and curated the solution using Opensource solutions that are widely popular and supported by a vibrant opensource community team. While we are a big proponent of OSS, we are flexible and our solutions also include non-OSS solutions that are needed to meet your business needs.
  6. Our solution can be deployed on  a variety of Public, Private cloud environments based on your need. We have done extensive research to identify the most efficient way of deploying the solution.
  7. We have made excellent affiliate and partnerships with leading infrastructure, software and other providers. We do extend these benefits to you, and thus we are able to provide our solution at competitive prices.

We have a Flexible and Agile workflow to help ensure success. Our Customer success team will engage and guide you through the full process from initial contact to delivery and billing. 

  1. Pre-Sales
    1. Lead/Opportunity assessment – We offer a 30 minute free consultation session to connect with you and understand your business needs.
  2. Sales
    1. Solution Proposal & Review – We will draft a proposal and conduct a 30 minute session to review and gain acceptance. Based on the review, as needed we will revise/refine the solution to finalize.
    2. Confirm Solution and provide SOW – Once confirmed, we will develop a simple SOW outlining the solution and services along with high level scope, timeline and other details. Once confirmed and approved, we will proceed.
  3. Delivery
    1. Requirements gathering session – we will conduct a session to gather all the data that is required to setup. We will share these templates ahead of time to avoid delays. Since we are not building a custom app/software, these are expected to fairly simple and straightforward requirements to gather details of your business, location, contact , products, services etc.,
    2. Deliver Working prototype – Our team will build and provide an MVP/Prototype and conduct a session to review and gather feedback.
    3. Complete Build – Our team will complete all the build, configure and share with you to test.
    4. UAT – Our CSA team will engage with you to conduct and complete the UAT (User acceptance test)
  4. Go-Live/Deployment. Upon confirmation of UAT completion we will complete the Deployment.

Based on the scope of the support and services agreed upon, we will become your your partner and continue to support the solution. 

We will continue to engage with you through the Project/Program process to support your growth objectives and initiatives to provide new and innovative solutions and capabilities.

  1. Please refer to the ‘Contact Us‘ page for contact information. 
  2. If you are new client, please feel free to schedule a Free 30 minute consultation call and we can connect to get your questions clarified.
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